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Getting the best results from your Photographs

When you commission your portrait it is important to supply me with the best photos you can take. I know that sometimes it isn't always possible to provide great quality pictures especially if you are relying on old family snaps, but there a few guidelines you can use to help create a good, clear image when taking new photographs. Although I prefer to work from one main photograph it is always useful to have other pictures as reference in case something is not too clear. From these I can gather enough information to produce a good likeness.

I have outlined below some useful tips to bear in mind when taking or supplying your photographs.


To get a good clear image it is best to take your photographs outside in the natural daylight, try not to take your picture in direct glaring sunlight as this will create harsh shadows and it will be difficult keep all the detail. On a sunny day take the picture with the sun behind you and the pet or person slightly in the shade. This is a more flattering light and the detail and true colour will be retained. If it is not sunny try to shoot your photograph in the brightest area you can find.

If possible avoid using flash as this can take away detail and distort colour as well as causing red eye.
Take your photograph in the lightest room of the house or preferably by a window. The best results are achieved if you stand with your back to the window while the subject faces you.


If you are photographing a child or a pet it is always best to get down to their level, if you shoot from too high up the picture can look a bit distorted. When photographing a dog or cat it is usually best to shoot from a three quarter side view, as this makes a stronger image.


I want to capture as much personality as I can in your portrait so please try to take a photograph that looks typical of your subject. Try to include any characteristics or individual features that make them unique. If you can get someone to help when you are photographing pets you will probably find it a lot easier, sometimes using a zoom lens can also help as it is less obvious what you are up to!


These are great to work with and make our processes a lot easier! but please don't worry if you don't have access to a digital camera I can work with any photographs. Use the highest resolution when working with digital cameras so that you keep all the detail.


Please see images below, these are good examples of images I have worked with, they are clear and hold lots of detail and accurate colour, there are no heavy shadows and it is easy to make out features such as eyes, mouth etc. If you have any questions about the images you want me to use, please get in touch and we can discuss the best options.


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